In this business environment with expectations of 24/7 availability and responsibility, employees are often struggling, frustrated or overwhelmed. Providing these workshops shows empathy, creates awareness, builds camaraderie and has real, measurable positive impact on the productivity and morale of your organization. We collaborate on customizing my workshops to provide the biggest positive impact for your employees. My workshops provide support and empowerment to your employees while also educating managers and executives how to positively navigate the concerns that are front of mind for your employees and teams. 

Backpocket Strategy Business Series is a 7 part series consisting of the essentials of successful business. Structured for the busy professional Kathy has offered this series in 2014 and 2015 to the public. 

Business Series participants have consisted of Executive Level, Directors, Managers & employees as well as Business Owners- male and female. 

Kathy Hanson Business Series logoPraise for Kathy Hanson Workshops

Praise for Kathy Hanson Workshops

Elizabeth Dehn

“Kathy gives you a reality check about surprisingly unproductive habits–checking email, keeping busy, multitasking–then gives you practical yet life-changing tools to create space for what you value most in life and business.”    Elizabeth Dehn, Lifestyle Editor + Founder,  @beautybets




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