Talley Flora, CEO, Founder

Red Seat. The Hiring Expert.

I think your energy and passion is critical to getting the information to us. I appreciate that you demonstrate that you care. Because of your Business Series class on Time Management, I look at my time differently and complete a full task trying for no interruption. After taking your Series, I feel better about my business because I am getting done what I set out to do.

Janet Chartier Bailey, Owner

Account On Us

Because of your Business Series I have learned to "concentrate" on one job at a time. Not checking my emails every 10 minutes ! Trying to stay focused without any interruptions is making a huge difference in my efficiency. I do feel more in control and confident with decisions I make with my clients because of your classes. Your personality gets me going! It's exciting and your belief in all of us I think lifts us all up ! It never ceases to amaze me (your passion is to make sure we all know this!) that ALL of us seem to have the same troubles, obstacle's and thoughts about our businesses!! Thanks Kathy !

Jen Hartman, Global Channel Development Spet

Entrust Datacard

I was getting interrupted so much at work, people demanding things from me, I was getting sooooo crabby and Kathy gave me practical solutions and strategies that not only mitigated the interruptions immediately, now I feel more in control of how I am spending my time at work! Feeling in control of how I spend my time at work and in life has helped me be a happier and more energetic person!

Cassy O’Neil, MBA, Marketing Spet – Product Management & Product Marketing

Datacard Group

My job is very chaotic and I was need to be really smart about how I use my time. Because of Kathy's Business Series and her strategies, I’m more aware of how I’m using my time; I can quickly can identify when I’m wasting my time. I also have kept the email notification off and only check emails 3-4 times during the day, which makes my email responses more thoughtful and effective, rather than rushed. I am choosing how I spend my time, I am setting weekly goals to ensure I am working on the right priorities at the right time. It feels less chaotic and more effective.

Erin Newkirk, Co Founder


Kathy is a master at taking an opportunity or an issue, breaking it down into it's essential tasks and then building a solution back up again -- bigger + better than before. She is also fiercely loyal and fabulously tenacious. Adored by many, she has a way of making you feel like you are the only one in the room. If you haven't already, check out her videos! She is a presence.