“Every choice you make in your business requires a decision. Whether you make that choice proactively or reactively is determined by your Plan. You need a solid strategy for executing your plan before making ANY decisions in your business; otherwise you are simply reacting to how you spend your time, energy and money. Reacting is not a business strategy.”
-Kathy Hanson-
Kathy works with businesses of all sizes- from sole proprietors to those with hundreds of employees, from extremely profitable to barely making ends meet- she is committed to helping the owner gain control of how they spend their time, energy and money so they can build a sustainable, profitable business. Kathy is every client’s strategist, mentor, advisor and coach, utilizing her years of practical experience and powerfully energetic personality to give them realistic and actionable solutions.

Here are examples of Backpocket Strategy client Case Studies where Kathy’s solutions have made a positive impact in the business, and most oftentimes, a significant positive impact on the business owner.

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