Kathy provides practical solutions & strategy to common issues facing busy professionals today

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Keynote Speaking 

Hire Kathy as a Keynote Speaker for your next corporate event. Kathy energizes and empathizes with busy professionals today. Her presentations are renown for her audience engagement and excellent advice. 


Kathy has created and developed a series of Workshops and classes to help busy professionals, whether they are corporate professionals or entrepreneurs. Organizations hire Kathy to create internal Business Workshops to address common workplace issues and create a collaborative environment for the employee/employer. Kathy has also developed a Business Series and several Workshops available to the public at various venues in cities nationwide. https://www.backpocket.biz/business-series-fall-2014/  https://www.backpocket.biz/solutions/business-series/


Kathy is an fierce advocate for busy professionals. She is a Business Strategist who advises clients, both corporate and entrepreneurial, how to best manage their time, energy and money to be profitable and sustainable with their schedules. 

Hire Kathy as your Confidential Advisor 

Kathy created a one time private strategy session for the busy professional who is needs objective, straightforward strategic advice about their work/life balance or career. 


Kathy is taking the content from her Business series and Workshops and creating easy to use Workbooks (10 pages each) on every subject she talks about in her classrooms and her Keynote presentations! You will have a practical, simple to use and inspiring workbook to start your 2015 off with Kathy in your back pocket!


Kathy has developed several strategic Toolkits- complete with videos, tools and worksheets-  to answer the most commonly asked questions facing business owners today with real world solutions.