Strategies that work and insight that changes your perspective. 

Kathy designed this Series specifically for busy professionals. Every class is effective, practical & action oriented. Real world solutions that work for YOU! 

Curriculum for Fall 2014 Business Series

Kathy used her 25 years of experience working with Business Owners from all over the country to build this Series and provide you the most essential strategies and solutions business owners, freelancers and busy professionals need to succeed. The classes are kept to 10 spots to encourage collaboration and confidentiality. Keeping the class size small allows every attendee to get one to one strategic advice every session with Kathy. 

1. What are my goals for my business right now and what do I really want it to look like in 5 years?  Once you’ve got your business up and running, you realize not all your questions are answered—in fact, they have just begun. What is your business goal? Do you want national accounts, wholesale and/or retail? Brick and mortar, online only? What does success mean to you? How much time are you willing to work each week? What risks are you willing to take financially and personally? How do you hire experts when you have no cash flow? Are you asking yourself the right questions? Kathy shows you how to develop a practical, specific strategic direction for YOUR business. This class teaches you how to develop a strategic process for making key decisions as you build your business, to ensure it really works for YOU. 

2. Time, Energy, Money:
 How to manage  all three of your most limited resources when you feel like you never have enough.
 As a busy professional your most valuable and limited resources are your time, your energy, and your money. At no point in our careers or our lives do we ever seem to have a surplus of all three! Kathy draws from her vast experience working with entrepreneurs and audiences of big corporations to teach you to control how and where you spend those precious 3 resources. This strategy also includes insight and practical strategies for saving and not waste them either.  Through exercises and worksheets Kathy has developed, you will be able to proactively take control of how and where you spend your time, energy, and money, which is how you build a successful business and personal life. This class will pay for the Series with what you will learn about saving, and not spending your time, energy and money!  

3. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: The Entrepreneur’s ideal Trifecta
. Believe it or not, it IS possible, both personally and professionally.
The lines are blurred between home and business when you are an entrepreneur, which is why you need realistic advice and a practical perspective on keeping both your business and personal life strong and sustainable. If you have a big job and work full time for a corporation, this class helps you figure out how to manage your life in and out of work. Kathy will guide you through exercises to get clarity and set goals to live and work sustainably and successfully. What is your mental health worth for the sustainability of your business or your home life? Invaluable lessons in this class to help you become so much more PRO active rather than Reactive about your choices about your health, wealth and wisdom. 


 How to save yourself countless hours and dollars when you hire ANYONE for your business.  Learn the KEY to successfully retaining fantastic people on your team- employees, part time, seasonal and contract. Think you will never hire? This class is not just about hiring- it’s about the strategy behind having effective communication with every person you work “with”. Kathy tells you how to save yourself time, energy & money when you begin your relationships with all YOUR clients, customers and people who support your business.  Kathy uses her 25 years of experience in hiring and retaining employees to coach you through the entire hiring and retaining process. Learn how to hire correctly the first time and retain a great team! It is so costly to hire wrong. It costs you hours and hours of wasted time and energy when you make a bad hire and have to manage miscommunications and expectations every day. This class includes a customized toolkit that takes you step by step through writing engaging ads and job descriptions, defining roles & responsibilities, and the surprising truth of the importance of a job offer letter. This class will save you hundreds of hours of wasted time and energy, not to mention MONEY on bad hires! Even if you only hire temporary or seasonal help- this class is essential for you to be effective and efficient EVERY time you hire someone to be part of your team. 

5. Let’s Talk About Money: 
Negotiating like a pro with clients, vendors, banks, and hired experts.
 This is NOT about Sales. Learn how to talk about money with any person who you interact with or exchange goods/services—and not feel embarrassed or uneasy about the value of what you do. Kathy coaches entrepreneurs how to be confident about what they offer to their clients and the time it takes to provide their expert service- whether you are a photographer, lawyer, artist or inventor/seller of a great product. This session will have you walking away with dollars in your pocket and nothing left on the table every time you negotiate or discuss your goods or services. This class will have you making more money instantly.  Kathy has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs figure out how to comfortably talk about money and feel GREAT negotiating stronger and better deals for their business, whether it be for a lease, a loan, a product or service contract or anyone else you do business with.  After just one class- an attendee negotiated his first 7 figure profitable gig!

6. Tackling YOUR Biggest Challenge! Real world solutions for YOUR business, right now.  
Throughout this series, each entrepreneur will get the chance to present their BIG issue that seems to be holding you back. During the last class, Kathy will provide one-to-one strategic advice to each entrepreneur about a specific issue they are facing now, whether it is strictly a business problem or a life/work problem. Because the class size is small, everyone benefits from hearing Kathy’s advice and resolution to the issue. No matter the broad differences between our businesses, our frustrations are universal and Kathy is determined that all entrepreneurs and business owners know they are NOT alone with their daily struggles. Kathy knows we tend to feel  “terminally unique” within our busy lives, with no time to find help, so she shares stories and solutions in this Series so we don’t feel alone. “This is the best therapy money can buy! It’s like I have my own personal business therapist at every class when I took this Series” said a Spring Series attendee!