Resolve a situation or a frustration you have at work right now in 1:1 strategy sessions with Kathy Hanson 

Tracy Hook

Tracy Hook Portland, Oregon client

“Kathy Hanson came highly recommended to me when I was in the enviable yet difficult position of considering two potentially lucrative job offers that would change the course of my career and my personal life. Kathy insists on negotiating from a place of strength, which meant research and knowledge. Kathy’s strategy was not only insightful and smart, she was very empathetic to my situation, insisting I consider how each position would affect my personal life. Listening to Kathy was like taking a Master’s Class in Business Strategy, Sales, Hiring and Negotiating. Yes! I made the right choice. More importantly, I made this life altering decision from an educated, objective and strategic point of view, which I could not have done without Kathy’s support, encouragement and advice at every stage in the process.” Tracy Hook Portland, Oregon client

Every busy professional has questions & challenges.    I give you the strategy, advice & confidence to take action and resolve yours. 

Do you have a specific challenge in front of you that is preventing you from being as successful as you can be? With this strategy process, you and I collaborate to find a resolution that will work for you- right now. This is a fast, intense and effective method for utilizing all of my experience, expertise, insight and objective perspective to resolve an important issue for you.

Within a reasonable yet tight timeframe, I give you the most straightforward, practical strategy for you to take action and make a change effectively and confidently. It is intense and it is honest. I do not charge by the hour, I charge by the solution. Be ready to work because I will be! 

Hire Kathy as your Advisor. $500 from start to resolution on one issue. You get:

  • Initial 30 minute phone call to outline your issue and timeframe in which you need it resolved
  • Written overview with outline of strategy, initiate and finalize a concrete timeline for execution of resolution process
  • 90 minute in person session to collaborate on strategy, how to execute, any questions or concerns about practicality
  • 2 follow up emails and/or phone calls for encouragement, fine tuning, questions/answers on progress
  • Written customized analysis of our collaboration and your strategy and execution checklist- outcomes and goals
  • Followup conversation within 3 months of execution of strategy to check in and report progress

To get started, fill out the form on this page and I will get back to you within 48 hours to schedule a phone call.  I look forward to helping you feel and become more successful!