You cannot do it ALL well. It is simply not possible. It is possible to have Kathy Hanson, Business Strategist, in your back pocket 24/7.  I become your trusted Board of Directors. Your private Advisor, confidante, expert. You do not need to do this alone. You should not do this alone. Hire Kathy on Retainer and you will have a straightforward objective expert who is your biggest advocate for professional and personal success. Kathy is available to you privately every week or twice a month in person, via Skype, phone or email to discuss any issues or struggles you face in running your business or career. 

WillowBridge Center

Stephanie Edoff, Founder
Award winning WillowBridge Center

“Without Kathy’s expertise, encouragement, empathy and sense of humor, I would not be in business today. As a Business Owner and Entrepreneur, I face challenges 24/7 in running a successful business. Kathy was my confidante, Board of Advisors, sounding board, objective colleague and lucky for me, soul mate. Every Tuesday at 8:30am for 30 minutes for over a year, I could always count on Kathy’s quick, effective, practical advice on any of the issues I was faced with that moment. I am an experienced business professional with years of professional success, yet owning your own business has enormous challenges and responsibilities. Hiring Kathy on Retainer allowed me to be more resilient, more confident knowing she was there for me any time I needed her. WillowBridge Center was winning awards while facing unbelievable (truly!) behind the scenes business threatening challenges. Kathy stood by me through thick and thin. I could never believe how focused she was with me on our Tuesday calls. She never once missed a call, she always asked the right questions and by the end of every call, I knew what to do and more importantly, felt like I was not alone in running my business.” Stephanie Edoff, Founder & CEO. WillowBridge Center, award winning Aveda Concept Salon & Wellness Center

Here is a list of what Kathy does as your Board of Directors, Silent Partner, Objective Strategist and Cheerleader. 

Here is a list of common issues busy professionals retain Kathy to help them resolve

I am not a coach. I am strategist- I will tell you what needs to be done to build a stronger, more profitable business. I also make sure you have a sustainable, realistic schedule! 

When you hire me, you get consistent objective, strategic and disciplined support every time you pick up the phone or email me. 

$500/month with 6 month contract minimum.                      Worth every penny and your peace of mind.