Video Toolkits 

Kathy is committed to help entrepreneurs build successful and sustainable businesses by offering tangible, inspiring and practical advice specifically for her audience- the busy professional. Kathy designed each video package with 25 years of experience and thoughtful insight into the solutions that work for YOU. Kathy has worked for and collaborated with Fortune 100 companies as well has hundreds of small businesses all over the country to bring you her smart advice that works in the real world. 

Complete the easy and practical worksheets and you now have your own custom plan of action to make your business and personal life more effective and successful!

Each Backpocket Strategy video package stands alone as a critical tool for business owners to use as strategic guide for support, action and clarity in their personal and professional lives.

Purchase all 3 Video Toolkits and you receive Kathy’s three most important strategic tools for building a successful and sustainable business. You will also have Kathy’s support, energy and strategic advice in your back pocket (pun intended!) for your personal and professional life to be as incredible as you want it to be!

How to Hire and Retain Great Employees!

This is the ONLY tool you will ever need in your HR Toolbox for hiring and retaining any employee!

Kathy uses her insight, 25 years experience and success in hiring and retaining fabulous employees, interns and partners to advise and coach you through the entire hiring AND retaining process!

5 short powerful and effective videos for you to watch at your own pace and constantly refer back to every time you hire!  Your Video Toolkit also includes guides and worksheets for the following:

  • Introduction video Kathy’s shares her insight and experience about why you need to do ALL of these critical steps before your next hire!
  • How to write an engaging Ad
  • How to write an effective Job Description
  • How to write a purposeful Roles & Responsibilities
  • How to write a legally protected and complete Job Offer Letter

How to Be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in your Professional & Personal Life

Now you can have Kathy’s most requested speaking topic in YOUR back pocket!

The lines are blurred between home and business when you are an entrepreneur. Kathy delivers her powerful insight in this engaging video package with her realistic advice and practical perspective about how to be keep your business and personal life strong and sustainable. Go from being overwhelmed to being in control!

7 energetic and engaging videos for you to watch at your own pace and refer to over and over as your life and business change. 

  • Introduction to the series. Why and how your perspective will change with Kathy’s insight and advice! 
  • How to be Healthy in your Life
  • How to be Healthy in your Business
  • How to be Wealthy in your Life
  • How to be Wealthy in your Business
  • How to be Wise in your Life
  • How to be Wise in your Business

Also included in this Video package are guides, worksheets and exercises to accompany each of these videos along with a one page Manifesto with Kathy’s top tips for staying Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in both your professional and personal life for you to use as a resource every day! 

How and where to focus your Time, Energy and Money as a Business Owner!

How to choose where you spend your limited resources.

As a business owner, your most valuable and limited resources are your time, your energy and your money. Kathy uses her vast experience working with entrepreneurs to advise you how you can be in control of how and where you spend those resources. Not only does Kathy share with you how to spend your time, energy and money- she tells you how to save it and how not to waste it!

4 powerful and engaging videos for you to watch at your own pace and refer to as your business grows and changes. 

  • Introduction- an overview into how this package will work best for YOU. How you can gain control of what you find overwhelming or distracting in your personal or professional life.
  • How and Where to Save, Spend your Time
  • How and Where to Save, Spend and Renew your Energy
  • How and Where to Save, Spend your Money

Also included in this Video Toolkit are exercises and worksheets Kathy has developed for you and your business to gain control of how and where you spend your time, energy and money! 

  • Time Diary Worksheet
  • Business Budget Overview Worksheet
  • How to Maximize managing your time  How to save, not waste and how to spend your time. 
  • How to Save your Money, How to not waste your money, How to spend your Money 
  • How to Save your Energy, How to not waste your energy, How to spend your Energy AND How to Restore your energy

If you buy all 3 Backpocket Strategy Video Toolkit packages today you get a Bundle discount of   $50 off your total cost!

Buy individual packages and your price is $341.      Buy as a Bundle and your cost is $291!