If you want to REALLY make a change and grow your business you must make a commitment to a Plan of Action.  You can’t just say “I want to lose 10 pounds” and have it magically happen- there are actions you must take to make it happen. In your business Plan of Action,  you must identify exactly WHAT you need and precisely HOW you are going to get there or your goals simply will not happen. You also must make a commitment to the time and priority of how you are going to make your plan happen- 1 hour exercise, eating more veggies, drinking more water. Plan for proactively making the time to exercise, buy healthier food, sleep more. You must do the same thing in your business! Listen to Kathy tell you how to identify what you really need in your business in 2014 and how to break down your plan to get there most effectively. You can do it- you simply must make a proactive plan for how you are going to do it! In the comments below, please tell me how you figured out to make your plan of action work for you so you got results! Thank you!

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