How to work with a bad boss

It is frustrating when you have to deal with a boss who makes your job tougher due to their poor communication or management skills. This week I share with you my simple strategies for How to work with a bad boss. Please watch and share with any colleague or friend who is dealing with this issue. Thank you! 

Many bosses don’t know how to be effective communicators. Unfortunately, that leaves that responsibility up to you. If you want to be effective at YOUR job, you must know how your performance is being measured and quantified- for salary increases, promotions, performance evaluations, merit bonuses. If your boss does not sit down with you for a one to one conversation about your performance every month- you must schedule that meeting. 

In this video I address many of the ways you can improve your communication with your boss as well as several strategies for guaranteeing you are recognized for your performance at every point in your career. 

I reference a Brag File, a tickler file, to track all of your career achievements, accolades, “atta boys” and outstanding performance reviews from colleagues, vendors and clients. Here is a link to my video devoted solely to why every professional, entrepreneur or full time volunteer must build and maintain a Brag File. Just click on the image below to hear my 4 minute strategy on building your professional Brag Book. 

Always remember to collaborate and communicate (and document!) your Roles and Responsibilities with your colleagues and your boss, regardless of how poorly they are documented via your company or your supervisor. 

You need to quantify your performance even if your boss does not.  It is your responsibility to know exactly how your business measures your performance.When you are unclear about your Role or Responsibilities at work, you must communicate with your boss and get them clarified as soon as possible. 

It’s not annoying. 

It’s not pestering. 

It’s professional. You have a right to know what your boss is expecting of you every day and how your company (and your boss) is measuring your performance. 

How to work with a bad boss is rough- I hope I gave you insights and strategies to change your perspective about making a change, so it’s not so rough. 

Make it a great week. 




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