Empowerment and Leadership Collaborations with Organizations 

These are just a few of the organizations that have hired Kathy to speak to audiences of all sizes, from entry level to C-suite, both men and women. This is a detailed overview of what Kathy provides for Fortune 100 companies, small businesses as well as organizations when she works with them to support their teams and . For a more complete view of all of the organizations Kathy has collaborated with over her 25 year career (and going strong!) please click here: https://www.backpocket.biz/about/collaborations/

Entrust Datacard

Newly merged businesses Datacard and Entrust


U of M Carlson School of Management

Annual Leadership Conference


General Mills

General Mills is a leader in supporting Women in Business

Kathy continues to be asked to create, develop and deliver programs, workshops and speaking events for Fortune 100 companies to hundreds of small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs around the country. Kathy’s empowerment and leadership collaborations with organizations encourage, empower and initiate leadership at all levels of employment. From entry level to Executive Level, Kathy has delivered thought provoking interactive talks to audiences of 10 to 100 men and women. Kathy’s engaging and empathetic style encourages unscripted conversations and questions from the audience for Kathy to provide real world practical solutions for everyone to consider. Her unique style leaves individual audience members feeling as if Kathy spoke directly to them, as if she had a camera in their office! Kathy’s core belief is to reassure everyone that they are NOT alone in struggling with their issues at work and home. Instead, Kathy allows for everyone to understand they are not alone in their frustrations and she is there to provide everyone with simple solutions and practical actionable steps to feel more effective and successful. 

If you want Kathy to collaborate with your organization for an specific event or you need strategic guidance as the Human Resources person in charge of Professional Development or Continuing Education, please contact Kathy directly. If you are an executive within an organization or you are Project Leader for an event or project within your division and you need to know what is front of mind to most busy professionals- call Kathy. Because Kathy has worked with and for both Fortune 100 organizations and hundreds of small businesses, she is acutely aware of what are the most common issues facing busy professionals every day. Kathy has simple ways to reduce frustrations within any organization and she is happy to work with you to develop a specific forum by which you can empower and encourage your employees to help your business grow and succeed more smoothly.