Strategy, advice, and confidence to resolve any challenge.


Kathy continues to be asked to create, develop and deliver programs, workshops and speaking events for Fortune 100 companies to hundreds of small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs around the country. Kathy’s empowerment and leadership collaborations with organizations encourage, empower and initiate leadership at all levels of employment.

Learn more about collaboration below.

Every busy professional has questions and challenges. Kathy gives you the strategy, advice and confidence to take action and find a solution. Resolve a situation or a frustration you have at work right now in a one-on-one strategy session with Kathy.

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Collaboration on every level to meet your goals.


From entry level to executive level, Kathy has delivered thought provoking interactive talks to audiences of 10 to 100. Kathy’s engaging and empathetic style encourages unscripted conversations and questions from the audience for Kathy to provide real world practical solutions for everyone to consider. Her unique style leaves individual audience members feeling as if Kathy spoke directly to them, as if she had a camera in their office!

Kathy’s core belief is to reassure everyone that they are NOT alone in struggling with their issues at work and home. Instead, Kathy allows for everyone to understand they are not alone in their frustrations, and she is there to provide everyone with simple solutions and practical actionable steps to feel more effective and successful. 

Kathy is acutely aware of what are the most common issues facing busy professionals every day, and her invaluable insights and problem solving at every level of business reduces frustrations within any organization.

She is happy to work with your organization for a specific event, offer strategic guidance for professional development and continuing education, or develop a specific forum and program to empower and encourage your employees to grow your business successfully.


If you want to collaborate with Kathy on a specific event, need strategic guidance, or want a custom solution for your organization, contact Kathy directly.

Individual Advising

Focused on your solution.


Get started today! Kathy will reach out personally within 48 hours to schedule a phone call.

Do you have a specific challenge in front of you that is preventing you from being as successful as you can be? With this strategy process, you and Kathy collaborate to find a resolution that will work for you—right now. This is a fast, intense and effective method for utilizing all of Kathy’s experience, expertise, insight and objective perspective to resolve an important issue for you.

Within a reasonable yet tight timeframe, you receive the most straightforward, practical strategy for you to take action and make a change effectively and confidently. It is intense and it is honest. Billed by the solution, not by the hour. Be ready to work because Kathy will be! 

Hire Kathy to help you resolve a tough issue from start to resolution:

  • Initial 30 minute phone call or meeting to outline your issue and timeframe in which you need it resolved. This is Kathy’s opportunity to understand the scope of your situation and how she can best help you. During this call Kathy will ask you a million questions. You walk away knowing she “gets it” and she is completely committed to helping you figure this out! 

  • Written overview with outline of budget, timeline and ROI (Return on Investment) so you have no doubt about the value Kathy will bring to you, your work and your life.

  • 90 minute in person meeting to share with Kathy all the contributing factors that impact your situation. Kathy will ask you a million more questions and you will see her brain working as you two collaborate on clarifying your course of action to resolve this issue. Many clients shed a tear, giggle or audibly sigh in relief of pent up stress as they come to realize how powerful it is to know Kathy is really, truly going to help them figure this out. That’s totally normal.

  • Written overview of what you and Kathy decided is the easiest, most practical way to execute your new plan to resolve this issue. This is your Plan of Action. You two talked about how comfortable you feel with her suggestions in the 90 minute in person meeting. Kathy only creates and suggests plans that will work specifically for you, your personality and your situation. Kathy wants you to be confident and comfortable, not stressed or awkward.

  • Typically, 2 follow up emails and/or phone calls for encouragement, fine tuning, questions/answers to make sure you are feeling good about how it’s going so far.

  • Followup conversation within 3 months of execution of strategy to check in and report progress.

Minimum Fee to work with Kathy is $1,000. 

50% down, 25% at 90 minute meeting and 25% within 30 days of the meeting. 

Payment plans are available.


Kathy’s thought-provoking questions for busy professionals:


1. What is the one thing you are simply too busy to to do that you believe, if you had the time, will positively impact your career/business? Is is setting priorities? time management? delegate? stop distractions? stop interruptions? Reverse this question and ask yourself if any of these actions prevent you from being or feeling more successful? 

2. Do you have a specific goal you want to/have to accomplish in the next 3-6 months? Do you know how to accomplish it? 

3. What is your biggest obstacle in accomplishing this goal? 

4. Do you feel like you are in control of effectively managing your own time, energy and responsibilities at work?

5. Are you effectively managing your boss? Your employees? Are you spending too much time on managing people? 

6. If cost were no issue, what would you hire out, delegate to make your life or job easier and more effective? 

7. Do you have someone in your life who can offer you objective (that means NO relatives) experienced advice about how to deal with and overcome issues you face at work?

8. What does success look like for you in the next 6 months? In a year? Are you proactively moving toward that goal daily? 

9. Are you happy with where you are in your career or in your business and how it impacts your personal life? 

10. Do you have communication issues with your boss, colleagues or team? Do you waste time on communicating? 

11. Are you a confident negotiator?