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People are more connected to their devices than ever before yet feel ever more isolated and alone. Kathy’s passion is to make SURE you know you are not alone in trying to be successful at work and life and you are not alone in struggling to figure it out. By talking about the tough stuff that business people face, Kathy hopes we learn we are not alone in our struggles and it’s not because of our shortcomings that shi* happens. By hearing real, practical ways that other folks have successfully worked through similar difficult situations Kathy knows you will feel more optimistic and hopeful about a path forward.

Kathy’s unique ability to infuse warmth and humor into everything she does makes this podcast really about resilience and optimism.

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“Every day we make a million choices about how to spend our time, energy and money. At work and at home you are in charge of making a plan that puts you in control of how you spend those limited resources. You must be proactive in order to run your job and your life successfully. Reacting to everything that comes at you is not a strategy.”

—Kathy Hanson, Backpocket Strategy