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Kathy has a powerful way of speaking. She is “funny, touching, introspective, candid, realistic and engaging.” Kathy’s passion for letting every single person in her audience know they are not alone, nor “terminally unique” in their struggles to run a successful business and career while trying to maintain a healthy personal life makes her workshops so engaging and powerful. Kathy connects with each attendee by sharing real life stories and practical advice culled from years of personal and professional experience. She holds professionals accountable to take responsibility for their choices with her signature compassion, appreciation and sense of humor.

Hire Kathy to talk directly and openly about the common issues facing busy professionals in this business environment of 24/7 connectivity to work and home. She’s on the pulse of what keeps folks up at night and she validates their concerns and fears, then has the tenacity to tell people how they can make a change. Kathy is motivated by a driving force to make sure busy professionals knows they are not alone in their struggles; she is here to help them understand how they can make their personal and professional lives as successful as they want it to be.


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“Kathy is a master at taking an opportunity or an issue, breaking it down into it’s essential tasks and then building a solution back up again—bigger + better than before. She is also fiercely loyal and fabulously tenacious. Adored by many, she has a way of making you feel like you are the only one in the room. She is a presence.”