Kathy works with you to deliver meaningful and helpful support to your team.


In this business environment with expectations of 24/7 availability and responsibility, employees can often feel frustrated or overwhelmed. Employers who provide helpful workshops create an environment of collaboration and productivity rather than robotic output. 

Kathy’s clients see real, measurable positive impacts in the productivity and morale of their teams after participating in her workshops. Oftentimes, entire organizations experience better communication and less blame shifting between teams as a result of working with Kathy. 

Clients collaborate with Kathy on the topic, then she develops a specific workshop for your team to learn how to deliver better, more effective outcomes. Kathy’s workshops are uniquely engaging and interactive, creating a space for honest communication to take place in real time. 

Not only does your staff feel supported and hear, Kathy simultaneously educates managers and executives how to positively navigate the specific and timely concerns that are front of mind for your employees and organizational leadership.  

Every level of an organization benefits from working with Kathy! From C-suite level, Directors, Team Leads and Managers to front line Customer Service personnel have walked away from her workshops with a shared sense of optimism and strategic insights to make their business a better place to work! 

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Your frank talk inspires women to lean forward and hang on your every word when you are speaking on camera or in person. Your ability to connect with women and inspire them to make a change is what you are all about. It’s not forced and that is what makes you a ‘natural talent’. I cannot teach the gift you have to draw women in when you are giving them business info and tips. It is who you are and it is rare. Very rare. You are what we would call in the television world–”ratings gold”. Put you on camera and women will watch.