Leading Through Change


It is tough to lead your team through change within your organization. People naturally feel uneasy about the unknown. Whether or not your organization is going through a structural change, merger, physical location change or a brand re-focus, your employees are uncertain of their future. It is imperative to acknowledge the fear of the unknown and the concerns that arise from uncertainty within an organization. This workshop is for any professional group who is experiencing tough transitions within your team, employee retention issues, communication issues, general overall lack of enthusiasm about the “new” environment.

My Leading through Change Workshop is designed to support leaders within your business group to manage most effectively during times of uncertainty. It is not easy to manage through change in any organization yet it can be done if the Executive Level staff have the intention to bring their organization through this change positively and with maximum productivity, minimum emotional issues and minimal employee loss.

In this workshop I teach Team Leads, Directors, Bosses, Managers about how they can lead most effectively through change by acknowledging that fear of the unknown. Leave my workshop as a strong leader ready to:

  • Create an environment of collaboration and opportunity in which leaders listen and validate concerns and provide solutions and insights

  • Educate your staff, team, division about the changes and discuss what their new roles and responsibilities will be within the new structure

  • Develop a support system for career development and education within the new organizational structure that allows for growth and opportunities

  • Intentionally and proactively communicate with your team to create a connection and community of resilient employees

As in all of my workshops, Keynote Presentations and Breakout Sessions- I welcome spontaneous questions. This always creates an environment of trust and empathy from the audience. I have a proven system for people who want to remain anonymous to submit questions confidentially, allowing really tough questions to be addressed (I love the challenge of answering on the spot!) The audience members to talk to me as if I am their trusted confidante. In all of my presentations and workshops I get asked very serious professional as well as emotional questions, which indicates that we are discussing exactly what the audience needed to discuss. It shows effective leadership within the organization to provide these workshops that support and empower your employees.

Kathy Hanson