Collaborate. Communicate. Succeed.


The best communication is collaborative. It’s tough to communicate effectively in this business environment of 24/7 availability and responsibility for your job. I talk about how important it is to communicate through collaboration rather than conflict. I give specific real world examples about how to handle tough business situations with confidence, rather than fear. Participants learn how to proactively set clear expectations, initiate collaborative work groups and foster a better work environment. Learn how a collaborative approach to all difficult situations leads to a win/win, higher morale and better productivity. Walk away with tangible “scripts” that participants feel comfortable using when communication breaks down, your opinions are not valued, or you have difficulty speaking up. This is a very intense yet high impact, results driven subject to create a workshop around. This is not something that is taught in Business Schools. Years of experience has given me insights and real world strategies that are proven to work. I share anecdotes, tools and easy to use practical scripts for making this workshop highly interactive and effective. 

If your Sales Team is spending their valuable time “managing” their internal communications (their support staff) not only does that cut into your profits, your overall sales suffer because your Salespeople are not able to spend their time selling. Increase your sales, increase your profits with this workshop!

As in all of my workshops, Keynote Presentations and Breakout Sessions—I welcome spontaneous questions. This creates an environment of trust from the audience. I have a proven system for helping people who want to remain anonymous to submit questions confidentially, allowing really tough questions to be asked (I love the challenge of answering on the spot!) Audience members talk to me as if I am their trusted confidante. In all of my presentations and workshops I get asked very serious professional as well as emotional questions, which indicates that we are discussing exactly what the audience needed to discuss. It shows effective leadership within the organization to provide these workshops that support and empower your employees.

Kathy Hanson