Negotiate with confidence


This is NOT about Sales and Salaries. We negotiate every day with our boss, our team and our employees about many different aspects of our responsibilities: timelines, scope, responsibilities, deadlines, objectives. Everything is a negotiation! The objective of this workshop is to make sure every participant knows how to negotiate from a position of strength and confidence, regardless of what they are negotiating for. I teach how to communicate and proactively clarify expectations about job responsibilities and job scope as they move into new positions within an organization or begin new projects. In this workshop I coach professionals how to be confident about what they are providing their organization, their team and potential future employers because that perspective directly impacts how you negotiate.Walk away with confidence and strong strategies to negotiate salaries, expectations and ideas at every important step in your career.  I also teach how to effectively collaborate and work in different environments alongside colleagues, clients and bosses of every personality type. Walk away with a strong strategy and newfound perspective about how to set, clarify and modify expectations with your colleagues, clients and bosses at every stage in your career.

As in all of my workshops, Keynote Presentations and Breakout Sessions- I welcome spontaneous questions. This creates an environment of trust from the audience. I have a proven system for helping people who want to remain anonymous to submit questions confidentially, allowing really tough questions to be asked (I love the challenge of answering on the spot!) Audience members talk to me as if I am their trusted confidante. In all of my presentations and workshops I get asked very serious professional as well as emotional questions, which indicates that we are discussing exactly what the audience needed to discuss. Every attendee will walk away with more confidence, strategies to take action and a support system to empower them to ask for what they want.

Kathy Hanson