Productivity Workshop

Powerful life-changing strategies & insights for Busy Professionals


This is my most requested workshop and Business Series class! We have so much coming at us all day long it is almost impossible to slow down long enough to figure out how to tackle all those emails, wasted meetings and interruptions all day long. It’s not only necessary to learn how to feel more productive, less overwhelmed and distracted- we want to be more productive, less overwhelmed and distracted, right? I share real stories of real professionals who have the same frustrations with managing their 24/7 busy professional life so you feel less alone and more confident in your quest to figure this out. Your biggest takeaways from this workshop: 1. You aren’t alone in trying to figure this out. 2. I have simple, realistic tips for you to put into action immediately to make yourself feel and be better.

Many folks have called my strategies “life changing” because I not only teach the practical tips, I share my advice with a sense of optimism and humor that is rare for a Business Strategist. I admit to our human shortcomings and account for not wanting to do the tough stuff. I make it easier for you to look at the tough stuff so you can get on with being better at work and at home.

You walk away with tactics and insights that help you deal with disruptions, interruptions, emails and coworkers who insist everything they need is urgent. I walk you through my proprietary Time Diary exercise that delivers mind blowing AHA moments for every single person who does it. This workshop will break down the concepts of chunking, managing up, differentiating between good and bad distractions, avoidable and unavoidable interruptions and other Time Management strategies so you can decide which one works best for you right now at work and at home.

My job is to help you figure out how to feel and be better at work and at home.

You are not alone. I can help.

Kathy Hanson