How to effectively manage your Time, Energy & Money in this 24/7 digital age


As a busy professional your most valuable and limited resources are your time, your energy, and your money. Drawing from my vast experience working in and with Fortune 500 companies and helping clients along all stages of their career, I share how to more effectively manage those three limited resources at different seasons in your career and life. Most importantly, I give you practical strategies on how to save time, energy and money as well as how not to waste time, energy or money. Attendees leave this workshop with practical tools, real world strategies and a renewed outlook on how to gain more time, energy & money and focus on the activities that you have set as a priority.

As in all of my workshops, Keynote Presentations and Breakout Sessions- I welcome spontaneous questions. This creates an environment of trust from the audience. I have a proven system for helping people who want to remain anonymous to submit questions confidentially, allowing really tough questions to be asked (I love the challenge of answering on the spot!) Audience members talk to me as if I am their trusted confidante. In all of my presentations and workshops I get asked very serious professional as well as emotional questions, which indicates that we are discussing exactly what the audience needed to discuss. It shows effective leadership within the organization to provide these workshops that support and empower your employees.

Kathy Hanson