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We all want to focus our time, energy and money on what matters.


Kathy’s Work

Kathy brings clarity and confidence to your business decisions.



Kathy’s high energy and thoughtful perspective makes her a sought-after speaker and strategist nationwide. She is knowledgeable, persuasive and direct. Attendees are swept along with her passion and energy. “Kathy engages people with her warmth and humor and that allows the attendees to “open up” to give honest and meaningful examples that enhances the experience for the entire audience.”



Teams walk away from Kathy’s workshops feeling empowered and energized by her conviction and enthusiasm for making our work matter and our relationships matter. Customize a workshop for your team or pick one of Kathy’s popular workshops she developed to address common frustrations. Learn how you too can walk away with her strategy and optimism #inyourbackpocket.



For over 25 years Kathy has been working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals to gain control and confidence in their work. She advises clients at both the corporate and entrepreneurial level on how to best manage their time, energy, and money to be profitable and sustainable. Work with Kathy and become more confident in making important choices about what matters to you.


Backpocket Podcast

Get good advice in your back pocket.

Business Coach. Dynamic Public Speaker. Fierce advocate for busy professionals. Kathy offers you inspiring strategy and insight to put in YOUR back pocket every week!


Success Stories 

Working together makes us better.

Kathy is here to help you succeed at work and home. From corporate audiences to entrepreneurs, hear more about her clients’ successes at every level of business.


“You gave us all permission to think about our business in terms of our life. To focus on family or to give ourselves a break for focusing on work. And your delivery was great. It was so authentic, relaxed and KIND.”