Best Business Lessons from 2014

How can you expand and build better (not necessarily more) possibilities for yourself and your business in the new year?

In my end of year 2 minute video I tell you how to reflect on what you did really well in 2014. First of all, you must take the time to quietly sit and think. Buy a notebook to write this down so you have no devices to be distracted by. This is your opportunity to look at what you have learned in 2014 and use those valuable lessons to broaden and build your opportunities in 2015. 

First-take the time to look at all the things that went RIGHT!  What collaborations; clients, vendors, suppliers, colleagues did you really enjoy? What made those collaborations work?

Next, take a look at your profitability and what you did right in all your negotiations in 2014- whether it be asking for a raise, negotiating costs, net payments, sales, trade shows. What made you feel great about the outcome? What did you do to make that happen? Write your strategy down. 

Lastly, look at what you did in 2014 that played to your strengths. What did not really feel like "work"?  What trade shows did you find most productive and profitable, what product or service were you most proud to sell, what conference or experience did you really excel at in your business? Why is that? Write those reasons down. 

Most of us want to feel in control of our personal and professional lives. We can feel overwhelmed when we feel like we are not in control of how we spend our time and our energy. Ask yourself a few questions about when you felt in control in 2014.  When were you proactive and it resulted in a better outcome? When were you happy to be working really hard on something and it was recognized?

The best business lessons from 2014 come from your own experiences. What did you do really well and how can you do more of THAT? How can you build and profit from your experiences in 2015? You have to give yourself the time to reflect on what you did well in 2014 in order to develop a good strategy for 2015. You want 2015 to be better, more profitable, less chaotic and have better outcomes than 2014. Find the time to sit and think about how you can do more of the good stuff. THAT is the best lesson for you in 2014! 

Let's make it a peace filled and prosperous New Year! 

Be WiseKathy HansonComment