How to gain back your time and energy this week!

I have been talking with quite a few clients (all business owners, men and women) and peers (busy working women) this week who are feeling like they work really hard and yet never have enough money or time to do the things they have set out to do in their business or their life. It's more common than you think because we tend to hide our frustrations from the world when we are running our own business. We chose this life so we really "shouldn't" complain about it—right? Wrong.

I spend my days helping entrepreneurs and working men & women figure out how to manage their time, energy and money because those are all of our most limited resources—whether we work from home, own a business, or clock in to an organization and sit at a desk all day. We all have goals and 24 hours in the day to accomplish them. We get to choose how we manage our resources and sometimes it feels like we don't have a choice—but actually we do!

This is a fantastic blog from my colleague who attended my Business Series class on Time, Energy, Money- What to do when you never seem to have enough of any of them! She has 2 start ups and a new baby at home. Busy working mom who quickly realized she had to figure out ways to really streamline her day to be most efficient. She took my class- loved it and had some followup questions for me. I can't believe she took the time to write out our conversation and list my suggestions in a simple format that is so easy to follow. We talked about To Do lists, Goals, Time management, everything a busy entrepreneur and business person wants help with managing. Thank you Aneela for writing your blog and sharing my insights and solutions! I hope your readers follow our advice and see a big difference in how they get things done every day.

I met with Aneela Kumar after she took my class because while I helped her identify ways she was wasting time and not being super efficient, she did not seem to have the solutions that would work for her new situation and I wanted to be sure she had practical, actionable solutions and strategies for her every day life. As a biz owner, she pointed out- we are in charge of how we spend every minute- she used to work for an organization and THEY dictated how her day went. Now- she is in charge and that can feel daunting. I came to her work space and we worked out several strategies for her to feel like she is more in control of her time and energy. Once that happens, we will tackle the money piece.

Every person's situation is unique- but NOT terminally unique! There are thousands of other entrepreneurs and business owners with your same frustration and struggle. And this is where I come in.  I teach, I advise, I give talks, I want you all to know it doesn't have to be so hard and there ARE solutions that will work for you.

I want to shout the solutions from the mountaintops! I have practical strategies that work for every frustration/issue you have at work and at home when it comes to your use of your time, energy or money. It is all about choices and if you don't know how they have worked for other entrepreneurs or you don't even know certain strategies exist- how can you make informed decisions about making changes in your life that will completely impact how much time, energy and money you have?  I have 25 years of experiences working for organizations, with Fortune 100 companies and as an entrepreneur- as an owner of a retail business and now as a service provider. I hear from hundreds of business people what their issues are and I see what different strategies work in different situations. My job is to make sure every entrepreneur has the opportunity to hear and understand they are not alone, then learn a practical strategy that works for them.

Aneela took the time to write out everything I told her in our personal conversation about how SHE works during her day. Some of these solutions will work really well for you. Others will have to be tweaked to be more effective for your situation. It's a short article with a very simple one page list of my tips. You can print it out and have it as a handy reference guide to keep you on track!

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear how it's going!

Make it a great day!