Empowerment Workshop Series Winter 2017

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Many of us are feeling overwhelmed with everything that is happening right now in our world, in our businesses and our homes. We want to make a positive change yet we don't quite have the energy or the know-how to move ourselves forward. 
Here's a secret strength we all have (sometimes don't believe we have it): we are more in control of our schedule, our budget and our mindset than we think we are. Harnessing your ability to be in control of our time, energy and money is your bright light and superpower for 2017! 
In a collaborative effort to bring hope, education and inspiration, The Showroom, Jen Chilstrom and Kim Jurek and Kathy Hanson of Backpocket Strategy have joined forces to bring you our 3 part Empowerment Workshop Series. Our goal for the series is to help and inspire you to harness the power you already have to make this your best year yet. Kathy will give you simple tools and her hard won insights to allow you to make positive impactful changes to your busy schedule, tight budget and frustrated mindset.

The Ideal Trifecta for busy working professionals: Having enough Time, Energy and Money.  We never seem to have enough of any of them and if we do, we get a deficit somewhere else. How to get a surplus of time in your schedule, money in your pocket and energy to do the things you really want to do? 

Empowerment Workshop Series. Take one, two or all three of these high energy, powerful workshops! 

Workshop 1. Save time, gain time. Workshop 2. Save money, make money. Workshop 3. Save energy, get energy.

Each workshop is 75 minutes with lots of interactive Q & A. Each Workshop is offered at two times: midday and early evening. I am also available after each workshop for confidential Q & A. NOTE:  5% of all proceeds of this event will go to building our community!  Lyndale Neighborhood Association is a non profit organization with the mission to engage our diverse community members to build a safe, vibrant, and sustainable neighborhood. 

Workshop 1: Get more control of your schedule (and gain an hour every day!) What will you choose to do with that extra hour? Offered at two times Thursday, February 23, 2017.  11:30-1pm and 5:00-7:30pm  $60*

Workshop 2: You have the power to positively impact how much money you have, you earn and you spend. Tired of thinking you have no choice in what you can earn, spend or save? I will give you a simple strategy and real life insights into taking control of your money and your budget. If I show you how to get more money, what will you choose to do with it? (This is not a financial workshop- it's an empowerment workshop!) Offered at two times Thursday, March 30, 2017. 11:30-1pm and 5:00-7:30pm 

Workshop 3: You really can influence your mindset and energy level every day. Learn how to deal with (and get rid of!) those horrible energy sucks in your day. Not only will I teach you how to get more mental and physical energy every single day, I help you figure out how to stop wasting precious mental real estate on negativity. What is the first thing you want to do if you had more energy? (Be honest!) Offered at two times Thursday, May 11, 2017. 11:30-1pm and 5:00-7:30pm  $60*

*Workshop Series Ticket. If you plan to attend all 3 Workshops you get a $30 discount!  $150 for the Series. If you bring a friend or two and sign up at the same time, purchase the Bring A Friend ticket to get a $10 off for every ticket purchased together. 

Mingle, shop, learn and get motivated with other bright shiny people in the creative Showroom space in Uptown. Kim Jurek and Jen Chilstrom, owners of the collaborative Showroom are generously hosting this workshop and shopping event in their beautiful collaborative space full of amazing and talented artists. Please support their vibrant independent designers by allowing yourself time to shop before or after the Workshops. Thank you. 

Kathy Hanson will educate, inspire and empower you with her hard won insights, sense of humor and unbridled enthusiasm for helping busy professionals feel less alone and more in control of their daily work and home lives.

Kim Jurek and Jen Chilstrom are the fabulous Showroom owners. Kim and Jen are not only designers and entrepreneurs, they are passionate (and humble) community leaders. Kim and Jen continually strive to provide a dynamic environment for local Twin Cities makers to find opportunity and success. 

We all do better when we all do better. Paul Wellstone. 


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?Plenty of on street parking or in the parking lot behind the building. 

What can I bring into the event?We will provide light appetizers and water at the midday workshop. We will be providing light refreshments and wine and water at the early evening workshops. I will provide clipboards to write on and worksheets. 

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please call Kathy Hanson 952-451-0658 or email at kathy@backpocket.biz Questions about directions and parking are answered on the Showroom website. 

What's the refund policy?If you cannot attend due to an emergency, we will refund you 100%.

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