Know exactly what to say when your boss gives you too much work

Does your Boss, Team Lead or Project Manager continue to pile on work for you to complete "ASAP"? Does she ask you to lead projects that are not part of your job description but promise high visibility within your organization so you feel compelled to take on the extra work?  Do you struggle with how to talk to your boss about it without sounding like you are complaining or incapable? 

Next time you are offered additional projects without proper instruction or accurate deadlines you will know exactly what to say! 

Not all bosses or organizations know how to handle their workflow, time management and team communication well.  It is up to you to "lean in" and proactively communicate to your boss how much work you are capable of doing at your expected level of expertise. You must be able to talk to your boss openly about how you want to work effectively on all your projects, yet the lack of prioritization coupled with all of the urgent deadlines make it impossible for you to deliver quality work at this pace. You want all of your work to reflect your best efforts and if the projects do not have benchmarks for success and realistic deadlines, there is a higher likelihood of mistakes or issues within the project. 

This week's short video gives you my straightforward strategy PLUS word for word script to talk with your Boss, Team Lead or Manager about your workload. After watching my video you will: 

Be recognized as a Problem Solver
Be seen as a Leader within your organization
 Communicate & Collaborate, even if your Boss can't
Take control of your workload priorities & expectations
Feel much less stressed about what is on your plate

Sometimes it is up to youto be the communicator, problem solver and leader in order to get what youwant!  Accurate deadlines, realistic timeframes, metrics for performance and success. 

Next time your boss hands you a project because you are the most capable and well equipped to handle more work- be SURE you communicate with her about her expectations and know exactly what to say when your boss gives you too much work for one person to handle. 

Go you!