How to find an extra hour in your day

Kathy tells Fox 9 Morning Buzz viewers how to find an extra hour in your day with her Time Diary. It is all about effective time management with no judgement. She designed her Time Diary to help busy people find just ONE extra hour in your day when you feel like you never have enough time in your 24 hours. Just like a Food Journal, you write down EVERYTHING you do for just 1 day and you will SEE in black and white how you actually spend your time. So many of us over or underestimate how we spend our time and Kathy simply wanted her busy clients to find time to do the things they really wanted to do. Most people want more sleep, or more time to work out, spend time with family. Kathy finds you that time with this simple Time Diary! The comedian Jim Gaffigan says "It's hard to find the time to work out when you really don't want to!". Kathy suggests you laugh at his honesty and really consider that he has a fascinating and TRUE point.

We ALWAYS seem find the time to do what we want to do, don't we? Yet we cannot seem to find the time to do the things we don't want to do. Hmmmm.

So be realistic with yourself and fill one of these Time Diaries out for just 1 or 2 days (yes, it takes work, but you are on your way to finding an EXTRA hour in your day! 7 hours a week! 30 hours a month!) and be honest with yourself. Do not judge what you see, do not judge how you are spending your time, just write everything down. Then add up the hours and put them into the buckets Kathy has on the bottom of her Time Diary- Sleep, Work, Play, Home. Now, you can see in black and white how you are actually spending your time. I guarantee an AHA moment! Everyone who dreaded doing my Time Diary/Diary of Truth came back to me and said the information they discovered about themselves actually changed their lives! A bit dramatic but true. When you truly look and consider how you are spending your time, you can figure out how to make choices in how you spend your time, and when you make those choices proactively, you feel great because YOU just found an extra hour in your day to do something that is meaningful to you. It is pretty powerful to know you are more in control of your time than you originally thought. That's a great feeling. Download my Time Diary for FREE here!

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