How to be more productive

In this week's 3 minute video Kathy tells you how to be more productive by hyper focusing on one task at a time for 45 minutes. Kathy calls it chunking. Neuroscience AND her clients have proven that this technique WORKS! Testimonials to Kathy about how "chunking changed my life!" abound from her Business Series students to busy professionals who listened to her describe this technique in one of her Keynote Presentations and then tried it at work or at home.  In this video, Kathy tells you how and why to chunk out 45 minute time slots during your busy day. When your brain hyper focuses on one task only during that 45 minutes- no distractions, interruptions, beeps or notifications on your devices- you get more done, you are more effective, more productive AND you feel in control of how you spent your time.

Who wouldn't want to learn how to be more productive? It's easier than it sounds and Kathy walks you through it in this week's 3 minute video. Bonus! There are added, sometimes unexpected, benefits to Kathy's chunking technique!  Watch and listen as she tells you how much less likely you are to procrastinate the tough tasks with this 45 minute chunking idea. It's amazing! 

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