What I should not post on my Facebook page

Nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore, which is why your online profiles are so important. Every post and profile IS a reflection of who you are and we all know first impressions are critical. That is why I am going to be your business friend who tells you that you have spinach in your teeth! I saw so many inappropriate posts and profiles that were not professional, I knew I needed to do a quick video about What I should not post on my Facebook page.

With no Yellowpages, most people look you up online immediately after meeting you. Professionally, or personally. If you have any contact in the corporate world with your job- you must consider your Facebook page an extension of your LinkedIn profile. You never know who is trying to look you up for a professional connection, even if you are happy in your current position and you have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. People are still going to Facebook for a more in depth look at anyone they are considering in a professional capacity.  

In this week's really short video I hope to give you a new insight into the real first impressions of your Facebook page .

  • Why you have to reconsider your online posts

  • What your posts say about you professionally

  • Who will tell you if the content of your posts is potentially offensive

  • Who will tell you if you may be inadvertently posting alienating content 

What I should not post on my Facebook page? Please watch my video and you may gain an insight into the truth you might not have considered. 

I am your business friend who will tell you you have spinach in your teeth. 

If you found this advice helpful, please let me know and LIKE it below. Please share it with your friends or colleagues who may not realize they are posting content that may alienate, offend or simply put them in an unprofessional light to new viewers to their online pages. 

Thank you for watching. 

Make it a great week! 

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