What to say to people at work who constantly interrupt my work

Interrupters thrive on opportunity. Therefore, you have to reduce the opportunities for the interruptor to see a chance to come into your office or email you constantly. Take control of how effective and productive you can be in your work day by stopping the constant unnecessary interruptions. In this week's short video Kathy tells you exactly what to say to a person who constantly interrupts you at work. Interruptions disrupt your workflow and productivity as well as your ability to quickly get back to the task at hand. It costs you and your business time, energy and money if you do not figure out how to stop it. Relax! Kathy has a simple strategy that will keep you focused on the right stuff at work, without constant interruptions. 

This is a common problem in organizations today, both big and small. Kathy shares with you her exact "script" she uses for co-workers, supervisors, clients and even family members (if you work from home) to simply, painlessly and effectively stop the interruptions without any confrontation or awkwardness.  Using her years of experience Kathy shares with you her expert insight into effectively communicating with someone who might not know how disruptive they are to your work flow and concentration. 

When you are proactive in taking this issue into your own hands, you are taking a leadership role, "leaning in" and finding a collaborative solution. Your team will thank you for coming up with such a simple solution to a common problem. When everyone learns to be respectful of each other's time, then your department and business runs more effectively. 

After watching this video, be sure you practice your individual technique and delivery in order to really feel comfortable with this conversation and make it your own.

Breathe.  It's going to be a win/win for everyone.  Everyone wants undivided attention when they have something important to work on. You are setting boundaries for your work product and are simply asking that your colleagues do the same. 

Even if it's your BOSS who is the person who is distracting you from your work by interruptions and distractions from your real work- Kathy gives you her strategy for an easy proactive conversation that your supervisor will certainly appreciate.  This strategy works because you are presenting your boss with a solution, not a problem. Most interruptors are unaware how often they disrupt your work day. If you boss IS aware of their interruptions and feels they are necessary- it is up to you to have a conversation that allows for you to get specific tasks prioritized by your boss every week so you are working on what they expect you to work on. Once they see how ineffective their previous system has been, they will quickly learn how much more effective it is to prioritize and communicate in a more productive manner. 

It does not have to be difficult or embarrassing to talk with a person who constantly interrupts you at work because Kathy gives you an easy to follow script. You can communicate effectively and honestly with no hard feelings and get everyone back to work, doing what they are meant to do. 

What to say to people at work who constantly interrupt my work is about having a short conversation where you ask for a more effective way to communicate and be productive. 

It's a win/win conversation for you and your team! 

Be Wise, TimeKathy HansonComment